March 1, 2011

mrs: one, evil fridge: zero, inklings paperie: seventy-two

We already know a few essential facts about me: I'm cheap and I waste food - but don't want too. So when I saw this DIY Wipe-off Memo/Menu Board project at Inklings Paperie - you may have heard me mention it a few times - I though it would be the perfect way to (cheaply) outsmart my evil fridge.

It started well. I found the essential ingredients at the dollar store:

And, unlike many of my other crafty intentions (felt food, anyone?), followed up on it right away, in the process remembering another couple of essential facts about myself: my crafting skills are mediocre at best, and Anne Taintor I am not (but wish I was). Oh yes, and I'm not a photographer. But you knew that already.

After several hours at the computer, searching (through SwagBucks, obviously, because of the previously mentioned cheapness) for good pictures and better captions, and being seriously tempted just to copy Anne Taintor and get it over with, I came up with this for my menu board:

And because I tend to have a lot of food to keep track of before my evil fridge turns it to the dark side, I made another board, just for anti-food waste fun. And for shopping list reminders. Because three days is too long to remember that we need sugar without external assistance.

Altogether, the frames and paper put me out $5.00. The ribbons were free, since I happen to possess the two necessary ingredients to make them so: a mother who wraps presents like works of art, and an overwhelming urge to save pretty, ribbony things so I can wrap my presents like presents. 

If you want to see a picture of the elegant and professional looking finished product that will inspire you to make your own, go back to Lindsay's blog. If, however, you want to see a picture of the finished product that will inspire you to make your own because anything will be better than these sad things, look no further: 

Ah, success. Thanks for the idea, Lindsay. Now that I have them to use, they'll help me in my never-ending battle with rotten, wasted food. Even if mine are slightly super amateur attempts.

And yes, I still haven't used up the blue cheese, zucchini, leeks and buttermilk. But I'm working on it. 

(Update: everyone's getting in on the Menu Board action...check out Rebecca's at Flathead Mama.)