March 4, 2011

More (But Less) Foodwasting

Since the epic fridge clean out and general food waste navel gazing party last week, I've been working very hard at - wait for it - not wasting any food.


I'm not going to get out the whips and start beating myself. Compared to the mountains of food waste last week, this doesn't even show up on the topographical map. You could almost call it frugal, if you were so inclined. A cup of chicken gravy and two reconstituted apricots getting (not) eaten, I can live with.

Plus, I know all of the things that almost got wasted and didn't. Like those cussed zucchini that I don't even remember my reasons for buying in the first place. Thanks to a suggestion from adventuresindinner I fried up with the leftover carrots and some of those silly leeks, and behold! Fried things basking in the sun:

They're in my freezer right now, waiting for the day I need a side dish fast (usually because I've forgotten to think about one until after we're seated). And have sour cream. They definitely need some full fat sour cream.

The buttermilk is getting used tonight in buttermilk pancakes. See if it isn't. And I have a cunning plan to use up my blue cheese.

Something else to add to the Use It or Lose It list: wednesday we tried a recipe for "Grown up Fish Sandwiches" from this month's Food & Drink magazine (thank you, LCBO), and while everything else was eaten up, by the end of the meal I had at least three cups of coleslaw to eat by myself, since Mr doesn't like it.

You can see it lurking there on the top shelf. Mocking me. Laughing rudely at all the jokes my evil fridge makes about me when the door's closed.