March 14, 2011

Maybe I'll Act Like Mary Poppins

You know those stretches of time when everything feels wrong, but you don't know why?


We had a great weekend. We introduced Miss to Mary Poppins, and she's been running around the house singing "Supercali...[unintelligible]...pee...docious!" for the last two days.

We turned the clocks ahead, and - incredibly enough - gained an hour of sleep because the kids didn't wake up until seven thirty.

Everyone in the house had a three hour nap on Sunday afternoon.

Miss is finally getting the hang of this potty business, possibly thanks to a recent gift from the Potty Fairy, and a few new pairs of "big girl underwears'. There are stickers everywhere.

We did a freezer inventory, and apparently have enough food to feed our entire town for the next two weeks. I'm optimistic that we'll meet our own challenge of spending only $29.53 on groceries for weeks fifteen and sixteen of Project Grocery.

The sun is shining, for goodness' sake, and will continue to shine well into the evening. It will not be dark at five-thirty this evening.

All good things.

And yet, I still would describe my general outlook on life for the past few days as "Meh".

Maybe because the Buffy series finale was such a let-down - the episode, not the gala. The gala was good. The food was good, the company was good, the kids were in bed, and we drank cheap champagne. What's not to love?

Maybe because I'm in an ongoing argument with one of my local grocery stores about the definition of customer service, and how it is possible to be unaware that an item is final sale if it is not marked as such.

Maybe because I suspect that I stink at this couponing thing and at being frugal in general.

Maybe just because. Maybe I'll just act like I'm having a great time and everything is wonderful, and eventually it will become so.

Hey, it's worked before.