March 9, 2011


No Wednesday Bookshelf today. Too bad, Stinky Cheese Man, you're canceled for the second time.

It would be simple to say that I'm not up to a post because of the eyeball surgery on Monday and leave it at that. But you know that's not how I roll.

My deepest apologies, and a warning for those of you who go green easily: don't scroll down any further. Stop right here.

That goes double for you, Dad.

Are you excited yet? Don't worry, it's not the Eye of Mordor looking out at you.

Here's why I'm not doing a Wednesday Bookshelf post, why I'm not supposed to pick up Jr for the next week, and why there are Cheerios all over the floor that I won't be bending over to pick up:

And yes, that is a bubble. Inside my eyeball.