March 11, 2011

But Isn't Blue Cheese *Already* Bad?

So obviously, from reading my impassioned question, you have deduced that I Have Wasted The Blue Cheese.

I had a cunning plan too. [Wailing] And it was going to be so good!

I even took "before" pictures of the most enormous butternut squash ever, and my preparations to make Squash with Blue Cheese and Toasted Pecans.

Okay you talked me into it just a taste:

Aren't you excited for a recipe that starts like this?

I don't have a picture of the wasted blue cheese. In fact, I wasn't even the one to throw it out, but Mr assures me that It. Was. Not. Good. I spared myself the sadness and regret of saying goodbye in person.
I do have a picture of the 12 grain oatmeal leftovers I kept meaning to throw in with another morning's oatmeal...and never did. In two weeks of breakfasts. I'm rocking these leftovers.

I would also like to prove to the world that I CAN USE UP BUTTERMILK.

Because it's not in my fridge anymore. The leeks are, but they won't be by the end of the day. They're making soup for me or they're going in the compost. They need to start pulling their weight or paying rent.

All in all, not a bad food waste week. And not a lot of use it or lose it before the fridge starts laughing again stuff either.

I'm smiling. (If you have no idea what I might possibly be talking about, start reading about Mrs Foodwasting here).