March 29, 2011

The $34.27 Challenge: What We Started With

Because those who want to know want to know. (And, presumably, those who don't won't read it.)

In the freezers big and small:

No, wait. One is 3.6 cubic feet and the other is whatever size a fridge freezer might be, so I guess that should read:

In the freezers small and smaller:

strawberry jam maple syrup
1 bag peaches poppy seeds
1 bag strawberries sesame seeds
fruit juice freezies decaf coffee
3 bags applesauce ginger
cut apples wheat germ
pumpkin puree yeast
6 bags assorted Jr food 2 lb butter
½ bag mixed chopped veggies 3 balls pastry
chopped celery

pizza dough
1 pkg bacon 1 mini baguette
1 pkg chicken thighs & drumsticks ½ boule
1 whole chicken 1 loaf herb bread
1 pkg chipotle chicken breasts 1 mini loaf cinnamon swirl bread
2 chicken breasts 1 mini loaf pumpkin spice bread
1 sirloin roast 1 loaf thanksgiving day bread
3 pkg ground beef 2 ½ loaves honey oatmeal bread
½ pkg stewing beef 2 bags bread ends
5 haddock filets

½ loaf banana bread
rib drippings ½ sticky bun
beef trimmings for stock ½ bag misc. cookies
3 bags chicken stock raw doughnuts

2 muffins
3 mini quiche 6 pancakes
2 quesadillas
zucchini fritters

In the (evil) fridge:

4 oz sour cream 4 beets
½ cup whipping cream 3 lemons
½ block cream cheese 8 small peppers
1 block cheddar ½ bag spinach
4 cheese slices broccoli

¾ chopped onion
jus dip
10 eggs

In the pantry:

3 sweet potatoes ½ bag wild rice
½ bag yukon gold potatoes ¼ bag jasmine rice

½ bag calrose rice
1 can salmon
3 cans tuna 1 jar mixed dried beans
3 cans flavoured tuna (yuck) 2 cans mixed beans

1 bag split dried peas
3 bags macaroni-ish noodles
3 half bags spaghetti

So now you know. And can advise past me what to make, or present me what I should have made, or future me what I should never attempt again.