March 24, 2011

200 Non-Contiguous Days of Bread: Over the Pizza Blanca Hump

Finally, I'm going to get past Pizza Blanca and move on to Naan bread. Dhal is on the $34.27 Challenge menu for Friday, and I'm very much looking forward to it. Why the excitement? You bake it with the butter already on it, that's why.

Sheesh. It's like you don't even know me.

And my (sometimes) tidy little mind just doesn't feel right about moving on to Naan (recipe 8) when I hadn't posted Pizza (recipe 9) yet. Although that didn't stop me for Boule (6) and Baby Baguettes (7). I really need to embrace my own flakiness with more gusto.

Garlic? Check. Parmesan? Check.

Oh, wait. It was supposed to be grated parmesan and I only have the other stuff? It'll be fine.

I need to use up some spinach? Also fine.

Some advice, from me to you:
  1. Use grated parmesan.
  2. Don't take the opportunity to use up some of your leftover spinach. Unless you like eating green litmus paper, in which case use away.