February 1, 2011

ten years with cats is two years too long

Yup. I'm one of those. The I Had Pets Before I Had Kids And Now They (The Pets) Are A Nuisance Gang.

We of IHPBIHKANT(TP)AANG are not very willing to go public with our gang membership, mostly because we feel kind of guilty about it, and dislike receiving super-special extra guilt included trips from the I Love Animals Club.

Who, admittedly, have a much better acronym.

The pets in question:

No, not the raccoon. Although sometimes I'd prefer a wild racoon, because then on a really bad day, with hair all over the floor, cat puke under the table and the click-click-click of his little claws over the floor reverberating in my ears, I could accidentally open the front door and not feel bad about his lack of coping skills in the wild.

As it is, most of the time I ignore them. The little black one is in my lap right now, and I'm not even paying attention.

Except to the fact that since my house is so cold, it's kind of nice to have what amounts to a furry hot water bottle on my lap. Until the claws come out.

And yes, it is very convenient to have something around that Miss can be the boss of. As in "You're not the boss of Mommy, you're the boss of Lewis and Daisy".

I also like that the big orange one lets Jr grab as much hair and skin as his chunky little hands can get around, and doesn't even bother to move away. It certainly amuses Jr, although I wonder how much Lewis is amused.

There's some good in having the furballs around, I guess. But I still haven't found the cat puke, and that does not amuse me.