February 12, 2011

project grocery

You know how you decide to do something, and you only have so much time to do it in, and you realize before you start that you left it too late and it's a total mistake to keep going, but you do it anyway, and it doesn't turn out well?

So no need for an update on the grocery shopping this week, right?

Oh boy. $192.28. Can I blame this on my birthday party tomorrow and those pernicious Pull-Ups? Also on the Valentine's Day steak?
Digression: Nothing says romance like almost raw meat. At least to this couple. We're putting Jr and Miss to bed early, after feeding them some non-steak, and we're having Rib-Eye Risotto.

Mr made it up after I had Jr and our midwife said I needed more iron, so naturally he thought of red meat and beet greens. The only difference on Monday night will be that I'm in charge of the risotto part. Gulp. Digression over.
Yes, we buy things on sale. Yes, we use pathetic Canadian coupons. We check unit prices and buy in bulk when it's something we know we'll use. We even used to carry a calculator around the store, which I'm really close to doing again. 

I'm going to close my eyes and dream of steak, and maybe this will all go away.