February 5, 2011

project grocery

So if you follow me on Facebook, you'll already know that today was full of stuff. Miss had a long-awaited play date with Grammy and Poppa, and I grabbed the opportunity to get some work done...on my face.

Yes, it may come as a shock to some of you, but I am not a weekly visitor to the salon (Gasp!). But since this month I have to renew 173 pieces of photo-identification, I got vain. I also thought it might be a good idea to attempt to look like the female it says I am on said identification. Heaven forbid there be a mix-up with the police-cops.

I took further advantage of my parents by dropping Jr off with them for the hour it took to hack away my excess hair, and then proceeded to take advantage of the nice woman at the renewal office, who held him while she took my picture.

It was awesome.

Grocery shopping later in the day, while I looked fabulous, was not so awesome:

Here are the excuses for a $177.47 grocery shop:
  1. We didn't do it all at once. The $14.45 was immediately after last week's shopping, since we forgot luxurious things like eggs and butter. Go us. The $5.85 was for snacks on Friday night. I know. We're bad people. 
  2. One of the receipts ($23.12) is mostly due to the fact that Miss (turn away if you're grossed out by potty talk) pooped on the potty, and therefore got to pick out a toy at the only place open in our dinky little town after five o'clock. So in the interest of fairness (to me) I subtracted part of that one from my total.
  3. We're having a Super-Duper-Bowl party, and are feeding what seems like an army. Minus the guns, camouflage, and helmets. Pretty much not like an army at all, actually.
In case you care, here's what the list looked like:

Don't worry, I can't read it either.

Some good news, though. I spent some time updating the Project Grocery page, and realized (with the help of that wonderful invention called mathematics) that we have averaged $123.33 a week over the space of eight weeks of trying.

There's hope! And now that we're doing better on the breakfast end of things, we can start focusing on other parts of the menu...maybe we'll even start considering thinking about the possibility of perhaps reducing our snack intake.


P.S. If you're interested, I've posted on BlogHer about our success with making oatmeal less boring (hint: there's a brulee torch involved. Stay away if you dare.)