February 26, 2011

project grocery: too soon to tell


Still, only $9.41 over budget. I blame cat food and a good sale on detergent. Anything but me, really.

I suppose it is too soon to see an effect from the trying not to waste food and dump money into the compost every week effort. It would be encouraging though.

On the good news front, my evil fridge still looks kind of empty, but we have plenty of meals planned for the week. Those zucchini are still lurking in there, along with the blue cheese and some leeks, but I'm going to freeze the leeks, which hopefully will not just put off their eventual waste until a year from now, when I clean out my freezer. Still no ideas for the blue cheese.

I'd really like to make these for Jr. And Miss, because she'll beg me for some. And, let's face it, me, because I'm always hungry and a sucker for anything potato-based. Except Vichysoisse:
adventuresindinner said:

How about some potato cakes (latkes) with carrot and zuchinni grated into them? Our wee one eats them as hand food but they are actually terrific for a side dish and freeze quite well. I often make a big batch and then have them for weekend breakfasts.

But don't know how to begin....anyone? Bueller?