February 22, 2011

my evil fridge: it's still evil, but at least it's clean

Lannis brought up a good point in her comments yesterday: those fridge shelves. They frustrate me so much I need to use an exclamation point. I apologize in advance.

Those fridge shelves!

Who made those? Who decided to encapsulate the glass shelfy part with plastic that beet juice could leak into? I'm lookin at you, Lannis. I'm actually giving you the stink eye, right through my computer.

Being a self-sufficient woman (read: Mr wasn't home and I really wanted to get the fridge cleaned before the kids woke up), I tackled them with the trusty kitchen screwdriver...to no avail. Those screws only keep the brackets on. I was no closer to getting that beet juice out and, even worse, I couldn't figure out how to get them back together. 

(Hangs her head in shame). 

After my post went up yesterday I got a lot of good advice for using up the about-to-be-funky stuff in the fridge. Behold the vegetables of my labour:

I also made Vichysoisse. Mostly just because I like saying it...vishyswaz. Yum.

Scratch that. Not yum. Unless gloopy blandness is yummy. I'm glad I only have about a cup left of it in the fridge because That. Was. Nasty. Miss, bless her little heart, loved it, so she gets the leftovers. 

But that means that with all the chopping and freezing and stock reducing and nasty soup making that I'm down to only the beets, zucchini, parsnip and blue cheese and buttermilk. The beets and parsnip I think I'll roast together for a side dish, the zucchini I'll do the same, or else try to figure out an alternative to egg white so I can make these zucchini fries for Jr. I don't know about the buttermilk though...baking?

So although my evil fridge still squats in the corner and taunts me with next week's food waste, at least I know that right now it's squeaky clean inside and filled only with edible things. Except possibly that blue cheese.

Also, clearly Mr came home, because the shelves are back, baby.