February 17, 2011

mrs optimum points

On the weekend, our local drugstore (read national chain Shopper's Drug Mart) demanded that I spend 40,000 Optimum points.  Demanded even.

They tried to be polite about it. They offered an extra redemption level and extra point value.

So I caved.

No really, that's what it felt like. I'm such a hoarder of things like candy, store points and Diet Coke, and they are such a HUGE company that it felt like they won when I bought their merchandise during their promotion.


Not so icky, though, is the fact that I spent $17.77 ($12.38 of which was sales tax) and brought home all this:

Not pictured: even more boxes of tissue. A ridiculous amount of tissue.

 My cheap soul is still hunched over her steepled fingers, cackling. My regular soul still feels like some kind of a chump for playing the game.