February 7, 2011

the most wonderful time of the year

That's right. It's the most wonderful time of the year, and it's not Christmas. Although Christmas is fab.

It's tax time.

Correction: for us money nerds, it's tax time. For regular people without the deeply rooted desire to fill in little boxes, check little squares, and pull out a whole year's worth of files, tax time probably starts a little later.

For me, it starts January 1st. High up on my list of enjoyable and relaxing things to do are thinking about money, talking about money, tracking money, budgeting money and doing my taxes.

You can leave now. I won't blame you. Sometimes, I even scare myself.

VERY low down on my list of enjoyable things to do is (surprise!) spend money. I like new things, that's true. But I don't like paying for them.

That might have sounded as if I'd rather steal them. Not true. Don't get any funny ideas.

If it hadn't been for the eyeball surgery, I might have had our taxes done already. But there are a few loose ends I need to tidy up for Mr's business first. Fun loose ends like account reconciliations, year-end verifications, and by far my most favourite money activity of all: invoicing.

Once his business is all squared away, then I really get to go to town...Turbotax sent me a reminder email last week, and I had to force myself not to start right then. I can't recommend Turbotax enough (they used to be Quicktax). I started using it way back when they offered discounts to CIBC customers. I like discounts.

And now I keep using them because they remember most of my stuff. And because my refund is right there in the little black box, staring me in the face with the lovely bright green numbers...

I've got that feeling. You know, the butterflies in your stomach, can't sit still, feel like you're going to pee your pants feeling?

The one I used to get on Christmas Eve.

Oooh boy.