February 8, 2011

miss: an illustrated toddler lexicon

My morning was completely thrown off by Miss sleeping in. When I went in to wake her up, she wanted to cuddle. As a practical mother, of course I said, "No, we don't have time to cuddle, let's get dressed and have our breakfast".

Sure. We cuddled in bed for long enough that the rest of my day has had to be adjusted forward by quite a bit. I'll live.

Onward...a window into the mind of my daughter.

This is Gabey-baby:

So is this:


And this:

These are michaels:

If you hear her say "I'm okay" from another room, she's hurt herself.

"Mixing and measuring" is baking, and if she wants to "help" you mix and measure, she wants to eat flour.

This is delicious:

When she says she wants to "obey, obedience, listen to Mommy and obey", she wishes she hadn't been caught being naughty.

If you act like something is wrong, she'll ask "What's da prob-lem?", and I don't know what "Ah-DO, ah-DO, ah-DOOO!" means, but she yells it at the cats whenever she sees them sitting upstairs.

Now you know as much as I do. Interpretations welcome.