February 28, 2011

food anti-coma

Sleep? Don't be ridiculous. Sleep is for chumps. We prefer to spend our nights alternately lying wide awake in bed, putting Miss back into her bed, or turning Jr back over after he's gotten himself stuck in his crib upside down and horizontally between the bars.

Our nighttime activity did result in a few conversational gems, however, like: "There are no dinosaurs in my room", "I'm not scared of crickets", and "what's happening to my green green wall?".

Since I had so much awake time to have deep thoughts last night, I came to the conclusion that the problem everyone was having was too much good food, a reward I'm almost willing to pay for with a night of sleeplessness.

A good way to save money on groceries is to get yourself invited over to my parents' house for supper. My mom warned me that it wasn't going to be fancy, and she was right.

It was extraordinary. Green salad with apple, chickpeas, and red wine croutons...with almond-encrusted toasted goat cheese on top? Ho hum. I eat it every day.

I wish I ate it every day. And then ginger and some other kind of orange things soup (to be honest, I was still thinking about the salad).

I started paying attention about halfway through the bowl...and then promptly lost concentration again when I realized that dessert was chocolate with chocolate inside of it. Anything with melty gooey chocolate on the inside of it deserves a better photo than this:

But, like I said, I was too distracted by the molten chocolate peeking out of the side to worry about light and focus and all that non-chocolate jazz.

Miss liked it. Are you surprised?

Guess how much time there was between that picture and this one:

It helped that by this time she was eating with two spoons.