February 14, 2011

burf-day presents

No post yesterday. I was busy being burf-dayed. For said birthday, I got some awesome things.

Like - for instance - this conversation, as Miss was crawling into bed with me at 7:30, poop smell and all, and Mr was trying to take her downstairs so I could "sleep in":
Mr: Okay, time to go downstairs.

Miss: No, I want to sleep in bed with Mommy. Go away to the floor.

Mrs: Did you know we're having a Happy Birthday Party today?

Miss: Yes. It smells like it. It's pink.

Mrs: It smells like pink?

Miss: Yes.
Or this: the way Jr smiled at me when I finally (ten minutes later) came downstairs. Like the sun had risen, right there on our landing. It's not too bad a feeling, being someone's personal sunshine.

Another gift I received today? Mr shaved his face. It doesn't happen often, because he hates it. I knew something was up when he came downstairs and I could hear Miss in the living room talking about her New New Daddy. And later: "I love you, New Daddy", and "I did a pee-pee, New Daddy".

And then later in the drug store, looking up at the ceiling while the PA system blared something, Miss said, "Thank you, other Mommy up there".

Today has been a day that I've been freed from the responsibility of food and diapers and cleaning...and since I don't have to do it, am finding more enjoyment than usual in food and diapers and cleaning.

Possibly not the diapers.

That cake up there? The beautiful one? It used to be my Every Birthday Cake. One of the only good things to come out of the fact that I now have an ex-sister-in-law is that with her and her nut allergy gone, I get to have Filbert Torte again.

I promise it wasn't the first thing I thought about when I found out.

I've gotten some interesting things today. Like a lovely drawing from Miss that I'm looking at right now. It's hard not to look at it when I'm at the computer, since it's on the screen.

Awesome.  Still, though...Best. Burfday. Ever.