February 11, 2011

blogging awesomeness

I'm posting about what I'm doing right now over at BlogHer today. It's stealth blogging, and I've got to work fast.

One of the reasons I'm trying to get up earlier than everyone else (and be vewy, vewy quiet) is so I can read my list of blog subscriptions, coffee in hand, without guilt. Also without Miss on my lap, demanding Facebook videos of her friend Clebby, trying to press the keys without me seeing her do it, and pushing her finger into the screen up to her pudgy little knuckle.

So here's the annotated list of what RSS feeds I'm checking this morning (and realizing that no one else is up...or at least, no one else is up and blogging yet):

The Frugal Girl
When I came across Kristen's blog I read every post. In order. Since July 2008. Do you see the order of magnitude that is my problem? But she's consistently cheerful, often funny...and a baker. A bread baker, to be specific. And she's cheap - I mean, frugal. Obviously. From her I got Cinnamon Swirl Bread, a cold(er) house and new slippers (for a warmer feeling house).

This can't be news. Molly writes about food in a way that's more delicious than actually eating. And takes pictures. Of food. Surely you've been there already. All the posts are good. Go.

The Lazy Christian
If you're still here after my orders to leave, then bless your heart. And bless Rachel's too, because she can write about serious stuff without taking herself too seriously. A rare commodity. I'm not blessed with the gift of expressing myself when it really counts, but Rachel is. I haven't made it all the way through yet, but my all time favourite post (so far) has got to be Got Faith?

Inklings Paperie
I've already posted about my friend Lindsay's design and paper goods blog, but it deserves another mention. Because It. Is. Beautiful. And inspiring, although if you've looked at my felt food recently, you'll know that I am un-blessed with the necessary coordination to make pretty things with my hands. If I were so inclined, I'd make this menu board. Because I like lists, and pretty lists are even better.

Flathead Mama
I came across Rebecca at Flathead Mama through work that I do for my dad at Christian Coaches Network. She's new too. She likes butter. She is in the middle of toilet training her daughter. Butter and potties, that's how we connect.

Poppy the Blog
My newest blog crush (that has now advanced to serious commitment) is Rachel's. She's funny. I obviously like funny. She has the same gift that the other Rachel has, of being hilariously serious or seriously hilarious, depending on the topic. She's in the middle of a series of posts called Rachelness. Go read them too. (I'm bossy in the morning.)

Cook the Story
Christine at Cook the Story says it best: "Stories that make you drool are better than those that don't". She's a fellow Canadian (bonus points to her and Lindsay) who is great at planning ahead, so I always know what I'm about to drool over. There's a fantastic post about food memories with her Gee Gee that reminded me of my Grandpa. And what first drew me to her blog was her post about what she plans for when her husband's not at home.

Oh yes, and I'm writing this at 9:30. Because stealth blogging does not work. Apparently I emit quantum particles  - awakeons, for the scientifically minded - that wake them up exactly twenty minutes after I get up. Even if it's six twenty in the morning.