February 25, 2011

200 (non-contiguous) days of eyeball bread

Another vitrectomy (read: eyeball surgery) in March. So I'm at the opthalmologist today, having loads of fun. Which means I didn't bake this bread this morning:

Yawn. Another same old bread post. Nothing new to report, I made the same recipe, and this time formed it into a big round boule instead of a little round boule. It tasted the same.

Boy, I'm even boring myself. Here's a little pick me up:

That's fresh bread steam you're seeing. And Jr teething that you're hearing. When someone finally invents Wonka-vision, you're going to get to eat it. The bread, not the crying baby.

And if that wasn't enough to make you happy on eyeball day, then here is the first of many homemade loaves of bread from my little Miss: