January 3, 2011

The Search For The Cat Puke Continues...

Okay, so of course by now you know about the cat puke question.  I had this conversation with Miss, because why not ask the toddler what she's done?  The result might not be illuminating, but it can be entertaining.

And, of course, disturbing.

Mrs:  Miss, did you clean up some cat puke today?

Miss:  Um, yes.

Mrs:  What did you clean it up with?

Miss:  A wipe

(Our wipes are high up on a shelf.  She did not use a wipe.)

Mrs:  What did you do with the wipe after you used it?

Miss:  [unintelligible] inna pot.

Mrs:  You put it in a pot?  Which one?

Miss:  silence

What can I deduce from this?  She used something wipe-like (but I already knew that), and she stowed it in either a) her play food bucket, which has a lovely selection of pots which would make great cat puke receptacles, or b) the toilet (pot=potty?).

This has not been helpful.

But it's probably safe to say that after two weeks the cat puke (wherever it is) is so securely hidden that I might never find it.  Does it say too much about my personality that I'm okay with that?