January 23, 2011

project grocery - thirty-six degrees below zero

Did I have a choice in the matter? If I did, I wouldn't have taken myself out of doors at minus thirty-six, let alone Miss and Jr, with their tender little skins that looked like they were about to shatter in the quick run from the car to three different stores.

I'm avoiding the point. Here it is:

That's right. Even though it was so cold outside that the difference between Celsius and Fahrenheit is negligible, even though we had a list, even though I knew I'd have to come home and tell you all about it...

$167.43. One hundred, sixty-seven dollars and forty-three cents.

Right now, it's minus thirty-six in my heart. But I have a few things to point out:

One: the receipt for $14.95 was entirely my fault and on a different day. I know all of you math whizzes out there read "three different stores", counted the receipts, and scoffed. That $14.95 was on Friday, when I sent Mr out for a $2.50 bag of frozen peas for shepherd's pie. But it's not his fault, because he called me from the grocery store and asked if we needed anything else. To which I replied virtuously: "No, we have everything we need, we're trying to save money, and we're not due to go grocery shopping until the weekend".

You know that's not what I said. I asked for some snacks. $11.07 worth of snacks.

Onward and upward, right?

Two: diapers were on a good sale. We'll revisit the whole cloth diaper fiasco in another post I have planned about some duh money moments I've had, but for now, let's all join with me in celebrating 224 size six diapers for $0.21 each. You can see I'm not banking on the potty training working any time soon.

Three: we had to go to Bulk Barn for some staple stock up, and they had a coupon for $3.00 off of a $10.00 purchase. So we bought $23.18 worth of stuff. Could we have gone out a second time this week and saved $6.00 instead? Yes. Will we? No.

So if we subtract the diapers, we came in just under budget at $119.67.

What an argument, eh? If we pretend I didn't buy something, I'm under budget.

Awesome. I think I've embarrassed myself enough for today.