January 2, 2011

Project Grocery - Failing Into The New Year

So here we are at project grocery again, although we shopped twice, on two different days and at two different stores.  There was no way I was doing a full-scale grocery shop the day after we got home from Fennsylvania (like gingerman, it's hard to stop).

I'm sure you can guess what happened, from the title of this post, but I'm going to make you sit through the whole narrative anyway. 

I was feeling pretty proud of myself when I got back on Friday after spending this:

Especially since, as you can kind of see from the picture, I had ten dollars worth of points to use...and I got all our staples for the week like milk and cereal, as well as four meals and that dratted kitty litter that I hate spending money on.

So our list today looked pretty small, right?  A few more meals, some veggies for a side dish or two I'd forgotten...that kind of stuff.

But wait.  Ground beef was on sale.  Better get it to have in the freezer.  Oh, and Mr needs some oil for the doughnuts he's making today, and I need to restock my butter stores, which Christmas baking wore a little thin.  And we'd better pick up some more milk, because one bag just isn't going to cut it for a whole week.

All of which resulted in this:

That would be $135.51.  That would be $15.51 over budget.  Plus, I went to Bulk Barn and spent some money on more flour and yeast (again, to build my baking stores back up after the Christmas bake-a-thon...incidentally, I wonder if the Greeks who fought at Marathon would appreciate the comparison of their bloody battle to the buttery goodness that is baking?)...where was I?

I guess I could try and excuse myself by the math...if anyone's counting, that's four weeks of groceries for $290.99...technically that's $72.75 per week...please?  Excuses, excuses.

How's this for an excuse?  If Mr wasn't making the doughnuts, we'd be just about right on budget (I know, fifteen dollars for doughnuts, right?) but they're homemade doughnuts.  I shall document, and then the world can judge whether they were worth it.

I jest.  No one can look deep fried pastry in the face and say it's not worth fifteen dollars.  No one.