January 14, 2011

Project Grocery: Eyeball Surgery Edition

An early grocery shop this week, in hopes of getting everything and not having to send Mr out to get anything for at least a week.  Here's hoping.

Actually, here's hoping that casseroles magically appear at our doorstep...

I had to buy a lot of pre-made stuff since I plan on being flat on my back for the next few days.  And the surgeon told me to eat light...which means what, exactly? I know for sure that it doesn't mean the rest of my family has to eat light.  Eating light is not a phrase that goes over well chez Mrs.

I also had to buy a lot of baby food materials...which still tend to be the cheapest foods in the store.  Rutabagas, squash, spinach, carrots, peas and those things do not add up quickly.

It sounds like I'm gathering in all my excuses for being over budget (again) this week, doesn't it?

Well guess what:

I lost the receipt.

But still, awesome, right?  As I was checking out, I had resigned myself to being very over-budget...and almost YIPEEEEd right in the store when she told me what my total was.

Purists, I know that I am $0.02 over budget.  But.  I.  Don't.  Care.

And neither do my eyeballs.