January 8, 2011

Project Grocery: The Birthday

I had to go grocery shopping in the middle of the week to get essentials like coffee creamer, milk and cereal.  Cereal is the bane of my existence.  Boo!  Too bad oatmeal is so sucky, because it costs about six times less per serving.  That fact alone is almost enough to make me learn to love it.

So having spent $26.46 on things we'll need this week too, I thought I could manage to stay under $93.54 today.  But as usual, there's a but:

But it's Mr's birthday tomorrow, and I'm having a (not big) party for him.  I'm burning his birthday cake int he oven right now.  Which means more money on food, right?  Which means another $101.01 dropped at the grocery store, which means $127.47.  Which means over budget.

On a happier note, I'm making pork and sauerkraut - I'm a little nauseated just thinking about it, since it might be the most disgusting meal ever invented - but Mr is a Lancaster County boy, and every year at New Years he laments the pork and sauerkraut of his youth.  I'll heat up a burrito or something for myself.  (No I won't).  So that wasn't happier at all.

Actually, the birthday is an excuse.  I'd be under budget if it weren't for this:

Ten points if you know what this is...and Lindsay can't guess.

That's right.  I spent $10.49 on Nutella.  That I will eat from a spoon.  By myself.

It's cheaper if you buy the big ones, you know.  So I'm a savvy shopper.