January 22, 2011

my library...and i do mean mine

By now, you must know that I love my library. LOVE it. My cheap little soul delights in the free-ness, and my bookworm-riddled brain delights in the book-ness. Obviously.

But here's yet another (few) reasons why my library is the coolest, in no particular order. Or in the order my brain came up with. Whatever.

By the way, and as a total and complete aside, apparently two spaces after a period is wrong, and not just wrong, but W-R-O-N-G?

Ahem. Reason number one:

You may have heard (!) me mention Terry Pratchett before, but let me make it perfectly clear: Mr and I have total crushes on him right now. Mr listens to him on his iPod while he works - thank you, Nigel Planer - and I read him whenever my eyeball lets me.  

Now, our library is small. Forgivable, since this is a small town. And the Pratchett collection is therefore understandably tiny, and represents only a fraction of his bookography. So of course, we make use of Interlibrary Loan quite often. 

Quite. Often.

We've had trouble getting lots of Terry's stuff on CD, since there's apparently not a lot of demand for it, circulation-wise. And yes, we're on a first name basis.

Yesterday, Mr went in to request yet more Terry, and - Hello! - two brand unabridged audio books on CD have magically appeared in our own dear library's collection. How awesome is that?

Reason number two:

Again, with the eyeball surgery. Miss Kate knew I had had it, and noticed that some of my interlibrary loan books were in. And called our house, offering to drop them off for me. Do I need to say more?

Reason the last: Miss Sarah. 

Runs the kids program, knits, blogs, usually has what I consider to be the winning entry at Craft Corner DEATH Match...is generally an all-round punk rock librarian. Gives Miss Mo Willems stickers to help me bribe her away from the Sesame Street computer and out the door.

Bet you wish you lived in my town, eh?