January 24, 2011

must. accomplish.

I discovered a new food blog yesterday, which does not bode well for today's goal: accomplish something.


Although I'll feel better if it's something that can't be eaten, worn and dirtied, or messed up again. I really do enjoy cooking, baking (an entirely separate category, am I right?), cleaning and doing laundry...some days and tasks more than others, and depending on the weather and the state of my pantry. And I have struggled with and (mostly) gotten over the Ecclesiastes-like despair that housework is composed almost exclusively of tasks that will need to be done again tomorrow. Or two hours from now.

But since for the past week and a half I've been on "light duty", I've gotten antsy to do something crazy. Like organize my pantry, or categorize the contents of my freezer. Something that will stay done for a little while.

I also want to get to my bread baking project - yesterday I bought the last thing I need to get started: an instant read thermometer. I know, a little hang-up, not starting something because I don't have exactly the right tools. Believe me, it's out of character. I'm normally the Get Up Do It Already girl, the Oh Well, I'll Use Something Else girl, the It'll Be Fine girl, the I'm Too Cheap To Buy Special Equipment girl (more about that some other time).

I have some (read "lots of") bookwork to do, for Mr's business, mine, and our personal finances. I have lots of work that I'll definitely be doing for a client at naptime. But those are more things that just needs more doing later...

I need ideas. I'll work on the other stuff in the meantime, but tell me: what should I accomplish (for good) today?