January 17, 2011

It's Sticker Time

So this is what we're working on these days:

I'm single-handedly supporting the sticker industry. Like I used to when I was nine, and into collecting them, but with less pleasure.

Oh, don't get me wrong, I'll have LOTS of pleasure when Miss can use the bathroom with zero input from me. But that day is a long time coming. And in the meantime, Miss is at that (super-duper) frustrating point where she knows how to do it, sort of knows when she has to do it, and knows if she's already done it, but -  like an officer P.O.W. - will admit nothing.

And Pull-Ups are expensive. I've caught some pretty good diaper sales in the past, but even dropping $19.99 on a box of diapers for a little girl that just might start using the potty full time someday soon seems silly. (I know. They keep. But still.)

Seems even sillier when I look back to the day we dropped $200 on cloth diapers before she was born. Oops. I know perfectly sane people who used cloth diapers from beginning to end. There are times when I wish I was part of that club, both for my strongly held philosophy of cheap, as well as that nagging guilty feeling for all the diapers my little family has been (and will be) responsible for. Good thing I got my $200 back when I sold them to another first-timer.

I don't want to be that mother that "rushes" her kids to use the potty because I just don't want to pay for diapers anymore - as an aside, what does that even mean? - but I'm pretty close to it. Except that when I gently suggest that maybe now would be a good time for Miss to sit down on the potty and hear "Not yet, thank you very much" out of her little mouth, I laugh so much that I'll be kind of sorry when she doesn't do it anymore.

Also, she gets stickers just for sitting down. In case you were about to read that potty chart differently. As she says, "I sit on the potty and I get a sticker and I get a treat. One, two treats".

The treat box is still full.