January 16, 2011

Ice, Wonderful Ice...A Total Rabbit Hole

I have told you about this, right? My obsession with the perfect ice cube?  I've tried to photograph it in all its perfect glory, but have yet to capture its wonderfulness.

See what I mean?  Not fabulous photography (really, though, when have I ever achieved that?).  And yet to me, this is super-duper appetizing. 

To be honest, if offered this glass of ice or boter-koek, I'd take the ice.  I'd pretty much take the ice over anything. 

I got excited about perfect ice a long time ago, and believe me, I know how weird this is.  I was listening to an episode of The Sporkful, yet another food thing (I'm seeing a pattern here), and Mark Garrison said his perfect cup of iced coffee would have coffee ice-cubes in it...this is going down a rabbit hole, I can see it now.  Just listen to the coffee episode if you want the entire argument. 

To be brief, I started making my ice cubes out of filtered water, and in a particular tray that was just the right size.  You get brain freeze if your ice cubes are too big you know.

Now I have perfect ice cubes.  And am happy about that.

Oh, The Mrs?  She's obsessed with ice cubes.  Another (unwanted) insight into what makes me tick.