January 29, 2011

even on maternity leave, weekends are still weekends

Mr is home on weekends. He's supervising potty time right now. He's around for that terrible half hour between 11:45 and 12:15 when we're all too hungry to be nice, but most importantly, he has time for little cooking projects, like his stated intention to make maple candy tonight.

Which I'm broadcasting publicly in the hope of using it as leverage in case he tries to back out of it.

The other reasons for weekend happiness pale to insignificance compared to maple candy, but I'll mention them anyway. Anything, really, to kill the time between now and candy time.

High up on my list of why I love weekends is the fact that they are warm. I'm naturally cold all the time, but - through sheer bloody-mindedness and deeply rooted cheapness - keep the weekday temperature in our house at 18 degrees (that's 64 to you Fahrenheit-ers). We give ourselves a break on the weekends, and right now I'm luxuriating in the balmy warmth of a 20 degree house.

I also get to do every piece of laundry in the house, since Time of Use billing and my previously mentioned cheapness (you can say frugal if you want to be charitable) means that unless there's poop on it, I only do laundry in off-peak hours.

Most especially, I love weekends because if - hypothetically of course - Miss has confiscated my saucepan, slipped away with my olive oil, and created the biggest domestic oil slick ever, someone else is there to hand me the paper towels.

Since it (hypothetically) happened on a weekday when I was alone, there is no picture. But I'm sure you can imagine it. If it had happened. Which it obviously didn't.

Incidentally, olive oil is a pretty good shine agent for old maple flooring. Just an interesting fact I came across one day.