January 11, 2011

A Day In The Life Of

Well it wasn't one of those days.   You know the ones I mean...when you can barely think of anything to pray about except to ask that the kids have a really long nap.

Since I'm a complete peeper when it comes to the actual day to day of other people's lives, here's a day in the life of Mrs (since it wasn't one of those days):

7:23 - Miss wakes up, pads to the top of the three stairs down into our room, and starts crying.  About what, we don't know.

7:24 - Jr, whose room is mostly across from ours, wakes up.

7:25 - Mr runs barefoot across the cold floor to get Miss' blanket and animals for her so she can crawl into bed with us and we can all doze a little longer.

7:26 - I get up.

8:00 - Coffee's on, I'm nursing Jr while simultaneously reading Making Money, by Terry Pratchett (god among men).  Miss is on the potty, watching Sports Centre.  Mr is also watching Sports Centre, though not on the potty.

8:44 - Breakfast is (mostly) over, I'm helping Mr get his stuff together for various administrative tasks that only he can do...but needs me to get the paperwork for.

9:15 - Miss and I take everything out of her little kitchen, spread it out all over the floor, sort it, and put it back (organized) into her kitchen.  Because:
  1. If I can't do it to my own kitchen, I'll do it to hers.
  2. She thinks I'm playing with her if I do it.
  3. I'm a sick person, and this is what I do for fun.
9:55 - Jr goes down for his nap, I turn on Sesame Street, make a snack, and Miss parks herself on the couch while I park myself in front of the computer.

10:34 - I've checked my RSS feeds, email and Facebook, written my blog post for the day (kind of a blah one, in my opinion...sorry), and am wasting time surfing, until I remember that there's a book in at the library and I'd like to squeeze that trip in between Sesame Street and lunch, hopefully before noon.  Or grump time, at our house.

11:14 - Having stuffed Jr into his snow suit and wrestled Miss into her mittens (Hate.  Those.  Mittens.), we're at the library.  I've picked up My Life in France by Julia Child, Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater (thanks to my friend Leslie and her excellent review), and have navigated Miss to the computer...the only one in the world on which she can press the buttons.  It's a big deal for her.  I pick out a few books for Miss without looking through them.  As an aside, this is a very fun game that you should try.  Do it.

12:03 - Home again.  The kitchen gets a trail of coats and boots and - of course - mittens through it as we make our way to the potty chart.  Miss got two Gerald and Piggy stickers from Miss Sarah at the library and needs to put them somewhere.  Right Now.

12:05 - I nurse Jr, then Miss is persuaded to sit on the potty while we read all the new books from the library.  Two of them are way too long.  I'm hungry.

12:30 - They're eating lunch.  Pork and sauerkraut leftovers for her, with some applesauce, potatoes and peas and carrots thrown in.  Cereal, peas, beets, and squash for him.

12:52 - Mr comes home for lunch, just in time to carry Jr up the stairs for his nap while I carry Miss.  Ah.  Naptime.  I eat my burrito (I know.  Don't judge me.), Mr eats his pork and sauerkraut leftovers, and we sit on the couch and talk while The Price is Right is on. We wonder how much they must whip that audience up for the contestants to act like that, or how ridiculous you'd have to act in line for the show to get in it.

1:23 - Mr leaves again, and I read.  It's good for my soul.  I also eat Nutella.  But you knew that already.

2:59 - Jr wakes up from his nap, followed shortly by Miss.  She sits on the potty, he nurses.  It seems to be a pattern.

3:20 - Miss and I play restaurant.  She learned it from my mom at Mr's birthday on Sunday.  It's ridiculously fun to play restaurant with a two year old.  Find one and try it.

4:24 - I try to put Jr down for a nap.  He's grumpy, and teething.  He does not nap.

4:52 - Mr calls to say he'll work until six.  I feel all wifely and decide to have dinner on the table at six.

4:53 - I actually follow through with my decision, and start marinating the salmon from his recipe for Maple Glazed Salmon.

5:04 - I relent and get Jr.

6:05 - Mr walks in the door.

6:11 - We're at the table eating.  I have to pipe up and say that this is not usual.  Usual is me intending to eat at five and eating at six.  I'm no good at timing.

6:45 - Mr and Miss are chasing each other around the house with one of those magical emptying juice bottles, yelling something crazy and laughing hysterically.  Jr is watching them from his high chair and grinning like something that grins a lot.  I'm trying to drink frozen beer.  It's pretty hard to do.

7:07 - Both kids are in bed, Mr is in the shower, and I had a good idea for a blog post, so I'm blogging.  Not clearing the table.

7:14 - Mr comes down the stairs, and I jump up and start clearing the table like I've been doing it the whole time.  He doesn't fall for it.  We clear the table together and clean up.  I'm eating most of Miss' dinner tomorrow for lunch.  She doesn't mind, and I don't mind.  It's a winning combination.

7:38 - I sit back down, ostensibly to update Quickbooks for Mr's business.  I check Facebook again first, and trade loving insults with my brother.

9:00 - I switch manically between still working on the books and trying to watch the premier of "The Cape", and can't concentrate on either.

10:00 - I realize that this dumb tv show is two hours long.

10:10 - I give up on the books, although they're mostly done, go upstairs and have a shower.  Mr tries heroically to finish off his birthday cake.

11:01 - In bed, realize that "The Cape" will likely not get a second chance from me.  Mr goes to sleep...I should be sleeping.  Instead, I'm reading Shiver.  Bad news.

11:55 - In a heroic burst of willpower, I put the book down, take out my contacts, and turn out the light.

11:58 - I realize no one will read this entire list.  I wish someone else would do this, so at least I could read theirs.