December 15, 2010

The Wednesday Bookshelf

Back to the library.  Well, not physically (yes, because of the mittens).  I've been thinking about how tough it is to find books that both Miss and I will like...there are some baaad kids books out there.  

Take, for example, Hip and Hop, Don't Stop!.  A turtle and a rabbit become friends through a rap-off.  Oh, so bad.  Please get it out of the library just to experience it's badness.  The link will take you to through my affiliate account, but resist the temptation that my ringing endorsement gives you and DON'T buy it.

Also take some time to not buy A Garden of Whales.  I can't even convey my relief when I dropped this one back into the return box.  Anyone who knows me well could tell you that if a book has the tagline "a celebration of kinship for Earth's children", I'm not going to like it.

Pete the Cat: I Love My White ShoesBut now the book that goes a long way to redeem the entire genre (this one needs a picture).  HarperCollins even released a free download of the song to go with it, and I'm not usually into that kind of thing, but I'm super-fond of Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes for a reason even more compelling than its get-down funkiness (you heard me): Miss will ALWAYS sing along with the song, which means that not only is there the cuteness of hearing her shout "Goodness no!" whenever I ask her "Did Pete cry?", but it really distracts her.  I mean, really.  As in, freaking-out-in-the-grocery-store to singing-along-with-Mommy girl in less than twenty seconds.
Not that any of my children ever freak out in the grocery store.