December 13, 2010

Project Grocery

I did manage to get to the grocery store yesterday...despite neglecting to check behind the car before pulling out, and getting thoroughly stuck in the drift the snow plow left behind.  Fortunately our good friend Brian happened to be driving along and stopped by for an impromptu car pushing party.  

And - wonder of all novel wonders - I did our grocery shopping alone.  Alone!  Which explains why it took me 41 minutes, including the time it took to get out of the snow drift.  And since we're in the middle of what The Weather Network is calling a "Winter-like storm" (maybe they got sued for seasonal misrepresentation once?), I only went to one grocery store, instead of all two we have in town.

Somehow this all combined to create this:

And in case you're worried that we'll be eating Kraft Dinner all week, we're having roast chicken, squash soup, sausage sandwiches and an egg and sausage casserole for dinner, among other things.

Now I only have to do this 28 more times to make up for all the times we've been over budget since September...