December 23, 2010

Project Grocery: Christmas Edition

You thought I forgot, didn't you?  Or if you did, project grocery is me trying to cheap out at the grocery store, still eat decent - if not outstandingly stellar - food, thus saving money and getting chez Mrs closer to having Mrs stay chez post April.

So far I've been under budget by $27.75 last week, and by $56.77 this week, see:

This trip I only needed four things: coffee, coffee filters, cat food and a roast that was on sale.  And we're traveling this week for Christmas with Mr's family in Pennsylvania and therefore do not need $63.23 worth of groceries.  So great job.

I did get some stuff to make more Jr food to bring along - rutabaga, anyone? - but that was the only legitimate impulse buy.

Shall we mark this one fail?