December 9, 2010

Poop And Discouragement

Yesterday morning was a discouraging time chez Mrs.  There was lots of poop...

So when naptime rolled around, instead of sitting down at the computer like I normally would, I sat down on the couch and read.  A book.  Not a particularly good one, as it happens, with not a particularly good cup of coffee, but it was hot at least (the coffee, not the book).

I did not blog.  I did not work on my Christmas baskets.  I did not even think about updating QuickBooks - although that last was not much of a problem.

It was good for my state of mind.

And then in the late afternoon, I caught this moment on camera:

My naptime pursuit of sanity and her choice of afternoon occupation combined to make the end of yesterday not so bad after all.  I can even look back and remember accomplishing a few things - I actually started the mini oven-mitts I'm making for Miss, to go with the mini-kitchen Mr is making for her.

I'm hoping today won't start out the same way yesterday did, but if it ends the same I think I'll survive.