December 17, 2010

Mrs: One...Miss: Zero (Or Lunchtime With A Toddler)

Miss is aspiring to control all aspects of her little life...who doesn't, really?  It's just that in two-year-old land, it looks a little different than it does in thirty-two-year-old-land.

Example: yesterday's lunch time.  Keep in mind, she wants to eat.  She loves food (like her mother).  But to wrest control of this little patch of territory, she's going to act like she doesn't.

Miss (after three bites): I'm all done!

Mrs: A few more bites, please.

Miss: No! (takes another bite)  I'malldone!  (Not a mistake.  She really says it like that.)

Mrs: Okay.  I'll eat the rest of your sandwich so we don't waste it.  Plus, it's delicious.  (Recurring theme, as you may have noticed from the. first. post.)

Miss: No!  MY food!

Mrs: Okay, you eat it.

Miss: I'm all done.

Mrs: (takes a great big bite)

Miss: NOoooooo!  MY FOOD!  (takes back plate and finishes sandwich)

Miss:  We're sharing, right Mommy?

Mrs: (to herself) Awesome!  I outwitted a two year old, AND ate some of her lunch!  Best day ever!