December 8, 2010

Library Time

Now that winter has descended upon us with all its horrible-ness, I don't take Miss and Jr to the library as often as I used to.

Oh, yes, I'm all for pristine snow and bright blue skies and pink cheeks, but the extra two days it takes to get the kids into boots, hats, kevlar vests, mittens, straight-jackets and coats is almost more than I can bear.  The mittens alone!  HOW does Miss contrive to get her pinkie finger in the thumb hole?  I'm getting all hot and prickly just thinking about the wrestling match it requires to get that straightened out.

Back to the library.  Ahem.

The problem with books is that they take up too much space.  I'm a firm believer in the "less-is-more-to-clean" philosophy, so there are very few things that sit on things in my house.  I also don't like looking at clutter.  It makes me as antsy as mittens on a toddler.  So since we are the proud owners of a LOT of books, and the kids books in particular are hard to store in any way that doesn't look like a toddler stacked them up, even if she didn't, you'd think I'd resist bringing more into chez Mrs.

I don't.  I LOVE kids books.  Well, the funny ones.  And since there's no way on earth I'm going to buy and store all the kids books I think are funny, to the library we go.  I have a lot of fun trying to pick books that will make Mr laugh out loud in the middle of reading to Miss.

And the ones I like the best are ones that are funnier than Miss realizes (yet).  Like Giggle, Giggle, Quack*.  Seriously.  Or The Pigeon Wants a Puppy ("I changed my mind...I want a walrus"!)  And of course, the classic Walter, the Farting Dog.  The first time (and every subsequent time) I read that book I could barely get the words out.  Don't tell me that Glenn Murray or Mo Willems or Doreen Cronin's primary audience is kids, because I won't believe it.

So while I really want to go to the library today to find more books, I'm not going to.  Because it's COLD, and the mittens are taunting me.

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