December 12, 2010

Keeping My Promises To Bread

I still feel like a bread amateur, even though I've been baking for quite a while now.  Weeks, in fact.  Well, more like years.  But I'm such an indifferent baker when it comes to rules and following all the right steps that my results are pretty inconsistent, although I do have a pretty sweet Kitchen-Aid.  Let's pause to admire it for a moment, shall we?

In retrospect baking a bunch of bread to go in our Christmas baskets seems a little strange.  The problem with making food type things for other people - aside from the very real chance that I'll poison them - is that if I test the product, I don't have it anymore.  Which is why I panicked a little when we cracked open one of those cinnamon swirl loaves that I keep going on about...and they are GOOD.  Oh lordy, they are good.  We've eaten two.  They are well tested, and now I need to make more.

So you'll understand the position I'm in: a week from today we're celebrating Christmas with my side of the family, three days later we're leaving for Pennsylvania to see Mr's side of the family, and the basket deadline is getting nerve-wrackingly nearer.  Must.  Bake.  Bread.

I think it's going well, though.  My pumpkin bread is out of the oven, and looks like this:

And the bread I'm most worried about, the one I decided to make up on the fly and call Thanksgiving Dinner Bread (fingers crossed, should taste like stuffing), is happily rising away this minute.  Except it only makes one loaf.  And how will I know how good it is until I test it?