December 27, 2010

I Miss My Computer

I also miss Sesame Street, my own fridge, and my cookbooks.  And my tv remote (on which I can turn the volume down if it's obnoxious).

I REALLY miss my internet connection, since this one is so bad.  SO BAD, it really does deserve caps lock.  I've almost thrown up my hands and quit about a dozen times just tonight.  All right, I didn't want to throw up my hands, I wanted to throw the computer.  What's it to you?

I'm loving the fact that we could take Miss out on a train ride yesterday, even if it was bitter, bitter cold and windy.  I'm also loving the fact that we get to visit some of our dearest friends and their three lovely daughters today, because Miss always has a good time with the girls, and we always have a good time with their parents.

AND, Mr and Mrs are going out tonight with the same friends, without the kids...and without the girdle.

One more thing to love about being here for the's Eagles country.  Even though the game was cancelled yesterday, we still feel like we're in our true football home.