December 10, 2010

Off My To-Do List

I can now check "dis-assemble computer and re-assemble with the help of a toddler" off of my bucket list.  Whew!  What a relief!  I thought I'd never get to experience this, and now I have.

Highlights from the process (envision me sweating over the computer with a screwdriver, desperate to get the jammed CD out of the disk drive, motivated by panicky fear that I'll have to take it uptown to get it fixed, which involves putting on the mittens!):

  • Miss standing right beside me on her kitchen stool, asking "What you doing" six hundred and thirty-two times
  • The hard drive making an expensive-sounding noise as it fell sideways on the counter
  • Miss holding her white bear (named White Bear, as a fascinating side note) up to me and saying "White Bear will fix it with a hammer"
  • Me, seriously considering letting White Bear fix it with a hammer
  • Miss naming the colours of all the wires that were showing..."I see green and white and red and orange..."
Despite the help, I managed it.  There was a lot of upside down shaking of the disk drive, which I don't think is the approved process, but that CD is out.  Success!  It's going to be a great day!

On a completely unrelated note, I can also strike "put two CDs into the disk drive at the same time without noticing" off my bucket list.