December 5, 2010

Cinnamon Swirl Bread

Very recently, I stopped failing at bread.  I think I can attribute this to judicious bread recipe choosing on my part, because I had a LOT of fails with French bread.  So I stopped trying (for now).

My recent success can be traced back to Mom's copy of The Great Canadian Bread Book and The Frugal Girl's Cinnamon Swirl Bread recipe, which cannot be described in words.  Except the words "cinnamon swirl bread", obviously.

I baked a batch of the swirl bread for Mr's Christmas client baskets this year, something I'm proud of since I'm almost always and intender and almost never a doer.  Another reason to stay at home after maternity leave's done, since I can barely even muster up the energy to intend when I work full time.

My second batch was at the request of Miss, who asked in her shy voice - the one that doesn't get much use inside our house normally - if we could bake some "swirl cinnamons togedder", and it is a testament to their goodness that the two batches less one mini-loaf are still luxuriating in my freezer, ungiven and uneaten.  Ungiven only because I haven't finished putting the baskets together. Uneaten because the better something is, the less likely I am to eat it...a quirk of my personality that I cannot explain.

And just for those of you whose teeth are hurting because I'm posting about home-baked bread, here's a picture of one of my most spectacular bread fails...

The Bread That Never Rose