December 18, 2010

Christmas Prep, Mostly In Pictures

I only have two anxiety dreams, and depending on the level and type of anxiety I'm experiencing, they alternate.  One is that I'm back at school and have been enrolled in a class that somehow I did not attend the entire year, and the final paper is due.  The other is that it's Christmas morning and I forgot to buy or make a present for someone I shouldn't have forgotten.

This is unlikely to happen this year.  You want evidence?  Exhibit A (remember these?):

They now look like this:

As in, finished.  Mr is putting the finishing touches on The Kitchen as I type.  Almost all of my baking is done (but my brother and mother read this, so I won't tell you what is baking right now).  My flour bin looks like this:

And I've refilled it four times...which if you want to do the math (and I do), means that I've used twenty-five kilos of flour this Christmas.  And that felt food I've been working on...well, that's more of a fail.  I've done this, which does not a kitchen fill:

But I take comfort in the fact that Miss is two.  And therefore will not realize that this is a small, pathetic amount of felt food (also, that the hot dog crouching malevolently in the back looks diseased).  And many friends who I've moaned about this failure to have told me that I can still make stuff and hide it in her kitchen for her to find on other, non-Christmas days, which will thrill her - if I do it.

So if I can get two batches of gingerbread cookies, some more Cinnamon Swirl Bread (still good; still capitalized), and my Christmas breakfast casserole done today, as well as attend a Christmas party tonight (which involves wearing a girdle.  You heard me.), then I'll be ready.

Oh yes, did I forget to mention that most of our Christmas is happening tomorrow?  Right.