December 20, 2010

Bloody Christmas

So our Christmas started out with a bang.  Or a smack, really.  The sound of little Miss falling down the three steps into our bedroom and landing on her mouth.

Oh, golly.

But that certainly made the rest of the day seem pretty perfect, in comparison.  Not that it needed much comparison to make it so, really.  It's been quite a while since Mr and I had a morning utterly free from going or doing or cleaning or baking, where we could enjoy more than a half a cup of coffee before running out the door or starting the laundry.

And Miss got over the bloody mouth as mind-bogglingly quickly as two-year-olds do, which is a blessing.  She'll probably remember this more than the fat lip:

And although the oven mitts that I made didn't fit (clearly, I'm no seamstress), she was game to try them on, fortunately receiving better ones with another gift from my parents.

We luxuriated in not-doing-anything bliss, and then gradually roused ourselves for the three minute drive to visit with my side of the family for gifts and dinner.

All I can say about dinner is Roasted Squash with Blue Cheese and Toasted Pecans.  Go.  Eat it now.

We ended the day driving home in the dark, Miss chatting sleepily away to herself in her car seat about not biting trees, which I'm sure made perfect sense to her.

And although Christmas seems like it's over, there's still a whole other one to celebrate.  What could be better?