December 21, 2010

The Big Question

Cat puke is gross.  You know it, and I know it.  I'm not sure Miss knows it.

Wet cat puke is worse than dry cat puke, which is why the tiny little bit on my dining room rug was being left to itself to quietly dry, unnoticed by anyone, until I judged it dry enough to clean up.

Believe me, I know this is disgusting.  I kind of apologize, but not really.

Here's where it gets (more) disturbing: before lunch, I returned to clean up said puke.  It wasn't there anymore.  It had clearly been rubbed off.

The question here is not whether Miss did it or not (I'm sure she did, even though I made sure to put a chair directly over it so she wouldn't notice).  The question is: with what?   She really likes to take out the contents of my napkin and placemat drawer and play with them.  She also enjoys taking the tea-towels off of the oven and using them in some I'm sure highly imaginative and yet utterly incomprehensible way.  There are little blankets in the toy box for her dolls.

Where am I going to find this cat puke?  I can't say I'm dying to find out.  But I'm sure I'll share it with you when I do.  Because suffering alone just isn't any fun.