December 7, 2010

Beet Massacre

I make my own baby food, mostly because I'm too cheap to spend 49 cents on one small jar when with the same 49 cents I can make the equivalent of 6 jars .  I mostly use The Baby's Table* because one of my friends lent it to me when Miss was just venturing out into the world of non-breastmilk food, I liked it, and they now have a copy of it in my library.  Like I said, cheap.  But the good, frugal kind of cheap, right?

My efforts today were directed toward carrots and beets, because I enjoy seeing root vegetables suffer.  Behold the carnage:

What's beet for "Oh, the humanity!"?

Also for your viewing pleasure, here's my thumb, post-beet murder:

*This will take you to through my affiliate account.  Just so you know.